Covid Lockdowns Hurt Texans

February 8, 2022

Covid Lockdowns Hurt Texans

A study by Johns Hopkins (just one of many that will be coming out) confirms what we’ve known since the summer of 2020. The report concludes that public health “experts” and politicians embraced lockdowns as a method for confronting the pandemic, but lockdowns had almost no effect, only reducing COVID-19 mortality by 0.2%. The devastating burden of lockdowns endured by communities and kids was unnecessary.

Now, everyone from Biden to Laura Ingram to Bill Maher is running to adjust their public position to align with the inescapable truth that lockdowns and shutdowns never worked. They are admitting we can finally get back to a normal life. because lockdowns for a disease with a 99% survival rate do not get the virus under control, but only devastate families, and the physical and mental health of everyone in our society.

Their plan has taken a disastrous toll on our nation. Destroy the prosperity America built under Trump… Get Trump out of office… Finally admit that vaccines don’t solve the problem… Let people out of lockdown… Tell everyone Covid is just now a part of life… Become concerned about your next election… Figure out ways to repair the economy you have destroyed… Claim success for people going back to work… All to win the next election… Got it!