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Update on Cold Weather Power Outages

February 16, 2021

Update on Cold Weather Power Outages

The cold weather has affected all Texans, and many are now without power. Earlier today, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas ordered rolling blackouts due to high demand from consumers as energy demands have met a new peak under extreme weather conditions, and they expect to continue these controlled outages the rest of today and some or all of tomorrow.

It is my understanding that thankfully, Entergy is the only utility in the state working on rolling brownout schedules to avoid complete outages. The Public Utilities Commission says many residential customers may still be without power for the next 3 to 5 days.

Many ERCOT areas across the state derive up to 30% of their power from wind energy which does not function well in cold and ice, and some of those same areas are now needing a vastly increased amount of capacity which is pulling from other areas of the state.

Please continue to do all you can to conserve power, because outages and rolling blackouts are expected to last for some time. Stay as safe and warm as you can indoors.