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Thank You, Texas!

November 4, 2020

Thank You, Texas!

Serving the people of Southeast Texas is a job I take seriously, and a privilege I don’t take for granted.  Tonight’s results are clearly a mandate to continue delivering conservative results for Senate District 4. 

This has been a long election season, and there will be new faces in Austin and Washington, D.C., however Texans can count on me to lead the charge for a pro-business, pro-family and pro-Texas agenda in the next session. 

It is no secret that what we have been doing is working – Texas will lead the nation back to prosperity because of our commitment to pro-growth principles, not California-style tax and spend policies.  

I want to thank my family, and loyal supporters throughout the district and throughout the state.  This victory would not be possible without all of your hard work.  I will never forget the promises I have made, and I will never stop working for Texas.