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Creighton legislation aimed at less government

November 15, 2016

By: Catherine Dominguez
The Courier

State Sen. Brandon Creighton, R-Conroe, had taxpayers on his mind when filing legislation for the upcoming 85th session that will begin in January.

According to Creighton, the Legislature needs to put taxpayers first.

“Without leaders willing to keep it in check, government will just keep growing and raising taxes, so it’s our job to stand up for Texas taxpayers,” Creighton said. “Family budgets are tight enough already without the threat of more spending and higher taxes.”

While bills can be filed through March, Monday was the first day of filing.

Creighton’s bills:

SB 130 – Franchise Tax Deduction Computation: Continuing his effort from the last legislative session, this bill simplifies the formula for computing the franchise tax and makes it better reflect the cost of doing business.

SB 131 / SJR 14 – Franchise Tax Rebates: This bill establishes a mechanism for the state to rebate a portion of unspent proceeds of the Franchise Tax back to Texas employers.

SB 133 – Firearms and Hunting Supplies Sales Tax Holiday: A staunch defender of Second Amendment rights and advocate for a level playing field, according to information from Creighton’s office, he is calling for a sales tax holiday for firearms and hunting supplies. This also will help outdoor-related businesses in East Texas compete with nearby companies in Louisiana that benefit from that state’s similar holiday.

SB 132 – State Agency Savings: As a way to incentivize state agencies to limit spending, this bill would allow state agencies to retain a larger share of unspent funds and potentially dedicate them to bonuses for hardworking employees.

SCR 3 – Senate Concurrent Resolution on the 10th Amendment: In 2009, then-Rep. Creighton led a charge to affirm the rights of states under the 10th Amendment and sparked similar resolutions in more than 30 other states. This bill continues the fight to push back on federal overreach.

“Government isn’t supposed to be the answer to every question; instead it has a few jobs it should do well, without costing any more than absolutely necessary,” concluded Creighton. “I look forward to feedback from the citizens in District 4 so we can get some real work done during the Session.”

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