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Creighton Campaign Ready For Aug. 5 Runoff Election for Senate District 4

May 29, 2014

Creighton Campaign Ready For Aug. 5 Runoff Election for Senate District 4

CONROE – Senate District 4 candidate Brandon Creighton released the following statement regarding the runoff election for Senate District 4 being set for Tuesday, August 5:

“A new generation of conservative leaders are poised to lead Texas following the results of this year’s primary elections, and I will be proud to stand with them in defending limited government and conservative values as the next State Senator from District 4,” said Creighton, who finished first in the Senate District 4 election on May 10. “Over the next 68 days, I will continue to share my conservative record with the voters of Senate District 4 as I have for the past several months in building a winning coalition that propelled us to victory in round one.”

Early voting for the Aug. 5 runoff will begin Monday, July 28, and continue through Friday, Aug. 1. The proclamation from Governor Perry calling for the Senate District 4 runoff election to be held on Aug. 5 is available on the Texas Secretary of State’s website at http://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/forms/proclamation-SD4-2014.pdf.

Creighton, consistently ranked as one of the most conservative Texas House members, began representing District 16 in 2007. He received national acclaim for defending Texas’ sovereignty and for passing landmark tort reform legislation. He has been a constant champion for 2nd Amendment rights and for protecting the sanctity of human life. He has focused on keeping Texas the top job-creating state by voting for and supporting free-market principles that make this state the economic engine of nation. Elected by his peers as Republican Caucus Chairman in 2013, Creighton led the Caucus in preventing Medicaid expansion in Texas, and the conservative web site RedState recently described him as, “The Man Who Kept Obamacare Out of Texas.”