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Sheriff Tommy Gage Endorses Creighton

March 17, 2014

Sheriff Tommy Gage Endorses Creighton

“I wholeheartedly endorse Brandon Creighton for Senate District 4 in the May 10th Special Election.  Brandon has been one of the most conservative house members in the Texas Capitol and has delivered some of the strongest results of anyone I have ever seen come from the legislative arena.  He is by far the best person to fight for our families and our conservative principles.  Brandon means what he says and does what he means.  I’ve testified in Austin in front of Brandon’s State Sovereignty committee and I’ve seen him firsthand working to secure our border, defend our gun rights, and he always fights to ensure that Texans runs Texas.  NOT WASHINGTON DC.

As an effective conservative with the strongest work ethic, there is only one choice in this race: Brandon Creighton must be our next state senator.  I urge all of Senate District 4 to unite and elect Brandon Creighton as our next Texas Senator!”

-Sheriff Tommy Gage from Montgomery County